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How much are you making this Labor Day Weekend?

Check out how much we average during this busy food-truck weekend!


While everyone takes a break and enjoys a couple days of fun - The Rusty Dog owners use this opportunity to be a part of fun by selling corndogs!


Different events to participate in!

Over the years we have tested different events and venues during this important weekend. We have participated in car dealership lot sales, sand dune festivals and non profit fundraising concerts!


The bottom line:

On average during this three day weekend we average $8,000 gross for the events we participate in. While you're busy during the weekend and on Monday, you can sit back during the week and relax!


Join Our Team

We help our franchisees find the most profitable and worthwhile events to participate in.

We help each owner find and keep repeat events that build your reputation in your franchise area.

Visit OWNARUSTYDOG.COM to find out more!

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