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A Note from Nic Greiner

Hello there,


Nic Greiner here, co-owner and manager of The Rusty Dog - America's Corndog. 


When my family started The Rusty Dog in Boise, ID; it started with an idea that we built on: People First. 


This became our motto and it has led every decision we have made. You may think this is cliche, but I can honestly say that it is the topic that comes up in every Monday board meeting --my dad inevitably says "Whatever we do -- we needed to make people happy doing it."


That idea has shone through as we get to read reviews praising our customer service, great food and awesome atmosphere. We smile as people come back after eating our food to tell us how amazing it is.




A lot of people ask why we decided to serve corndogs and fries. The answer to that comes in two parts: #1 we have a great, homemade Corndog batter recipe that people love. #2 Making corndogs and fries takes very little cooking experience, so with our homemade batter and delicious fresh fries anyone can succeed.


Running a food truck is a tough business. It involves early mornings and late nights. As a business owner(s) we are responsible for paying bills, buying food, hiring employees, preparing and serving food, truck expenses and much more. 


When starting any new business it is difficult to find the answer to-

  • Finding a great product that customers want.

  • Creating a unique image that people will recognize and relate to.

  • Analyzing costs and finding that perfect balance where you can maximize profits and keep customers happy.

  • Locating where your customers are.

  • Consistently delivering a quality product.



The Rusty Dog has the answers to those difficult questions. What's more is that we have found a solution that requires no employees, gives you two months (if you choose) off during the winter, has an extremely low startup cost and helps you make a great living.


Please take the time to look through our website "" and either give us a call or fill out the getting started form to find out more about this life changing opportunity.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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