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Mom's Way

Why our image of cleanliness helps us accomplish

our motto of "People First"

Food Trucks get a bad reputation for being dirty and greasy. AND, to be honest, there are a lot of trucks on the road out there that ARE greasy and dirty. When you look at them you get the feeling that there would be no way you would buy any food coming out of them.


Mom wasn't going to have any of that. When she came to the family with the idea of a food truck our first rebuttal was, "Mom, you are a clean freak; you would never last working in one of those."


To this she said that the only way she would sign off on this and one of the key factors that would distinguish us is cleanliness. 


Over the years we have learned what exactly that meant. Here are a few helpful things:


  • Correct opening and closing cleaning procedures. Many food truck owners don't have a detailed list of what needs to be cleaned every day/month/quarter/year. Without it, or without it actually written down: things get forgotten and your truck can fall into disarray.

  • A custom built trailer. We have designed The Rusty Dog trailer not only to have the capability to serve thousands of Corndogs a day, but also to be made out of materials that are easy to clean and keep clean, even after years of use.

  • Food presentation. 

  • Clean logo and graphics.


Cleanliness leads to customers satisfaction, and also it leads to more customers.


Think of your favorite store. There is a high chance that one of the main reasons it IS your favorite is that it is very clean inside, and the second reason is that it sells products you want to buy. 


People are happiest when things are clean and organized. Perhaps we don't think consciously of cleanliness, but subconsciously it contributes highly to decision-making. 


We want people to be happy, so Mom was right. The only real way to run any business, even a food truck- is to keep our image, culture, food and truck very CLEAN.

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