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View from the inside - covid-19 update

At least daily, I get asked this question, "how is your food truck holding up with all the new safety precautions?"

With a deep sigh and usually a frustrated laugh, I answer with "We will manage, like we do with everything else." And isn't that true with so many of us? We manage, like everything else.

As I've been thinking about writing this post, I've thought of the real issues that our business suffers from. Just yesterday we received word of at least three fairs being canceled this summer, along with all the others that have already been canceled from March until now. It's been a HUGE adjustment not relying on our school carnivals and summer fairs bringing in our income, but I wanted to point out a few things we ARE doing and what our followers can do to continue to help us with.

What have we changed?

Honestly, besides not doing bigger events, not much. Our "Mom's Way" policy on cleanliness has kept us and our food truck in excellent levels of healthy safety that CDC would approve of. This of course includes washing hands, sanitizing surfaces and equipment, wearing face masks and gloves, keeping our customers six feet apart, etc.

Instead of just handing out our corndog in our beautifully hand wrapped checkered paper, we now use these containers that both hold in the freshness but also help with contamination.

Our "Mom's Way" policy has always been strict. I think the simple fact of her walking into a messy truck has helped with keeping it clean, haha! (because let's be honest, mom is really the boss here at The Rusty Dog ;)

Besides now wearing a face mask, the only thing we have truly changed is that we now offer call ahead orders which allow our customers to order and then receive a message when their food is ready. This especially helps when they are immune compromised to help keep the spread of the virus more stable.

What can our followers do to help?

There are many things that can help us, and other food trucks in the area, during this time. One of the many things we tell people is to help with finding locations to park and serve. Most cities around the state have certain laws on parking downtown or at state parks unless requested specifically from the neighboring home owner associations. The best thing we can ask you to do is to talk with your HOA or plan a "CDC approved" block party and invite one food truck per week. Please remember that following the six foot radius will help us stay open as well as continue to allow us to come to these types of events. One truck per week not only helps us stay open by following the CDC guidelines, but also helps with our costs of doing business. Other things you can do is continue to support us through social media by liking, sharing and sending words of encouragement. You probably don't understand how big our smile get when we receive a happy message or five-star review!

You have become our family, we recognize you, we love you and miss you all so much! It's a hard time right now for us all, but it is only making us stronger!

We understand and appreciate all you do as our Rusty Dog Family and we know that if we all continue to support our local businesses, that the issues and struggles we all face will be worth it in the end and will draw us closer and a community family.

In the past few months we have seen just that. Not only have you surprised us with your continued support, but also with how you've supported your neighbors. That is what a true neighbor is and we believe that with all we have.

Our team saying is, and always has been from the beginning, that people come first.

Thank you!


Co-owner of the Rusty Dog-America's Corndog

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