Now Franchising! The Rusty Dog - America's Corndog ®

Admit it. The thought has crossed your mind - to shift gears, be your own boss, drive around selling good food and make your own hours. Either you have thought that way or you know someone who is considering it!

We are now entering the golden age of the Food Truck. With great food and a clean look - low start up costs and the ability to grow your franchise area to include multiple units, we bring what you need to the table to become a successful food truck. The end goal is to make a living and you will do that and more in this fast growing industry.

The Rusty Dog - America's Corndog ® is now franchising!

Our motto is "guidance without overbearance".

We want you to be successful - we also want you to feel like you are your boss without someone looking over your shoulder and managing your food truck for you.

The Rusty Dog - America's Corndog ® Food Truck is looking for an entrepreneur who wants to make money with a proven business model and low start up cost.

Get on the ground floor and be your own boss in one of the fastest growing industries in America and grow your franchise area to include multiple units.

Check us out at and let us know if you or someone you know has been thinking of opening a mobile food business!

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