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What makes a Rusty Dog and Fries different than our competition

People tend to be happier when they are spending time with their families. For most of the USA, great memories of quality family time are centered around the Local fair/festival or sporting events or going to a theme park. 


The Greiner family remembers fondly times when they were together at the Western Idaho Fair in Garden City. They would enjoy riding rides, participating in events and eating delicious fries and corndogs.


These times hold a special place in our hearts for Americans. The Rusty Dog brings some of that special feelings back if only for a moment and also creates those great memories with the food we serve. 


On our trucks it says "We bring the Fair to you!" This isn't just a clever saying: to a Rusty Dog owner it means we want to re-kindle and create those memories of quality family and fun times and make your day have at least one happy, cherished moment.


It also helps that our food is good.

Dang good. 

Just take a look at our reviews!


Some food trucks out there try to serve extremely unique food. To that, we say best of luck. 


A lot of that unique food is really good, but history shows that people will gravitate towards food that they are comfortable with.


A lot of people ask why we decided to serve corndogs and fries. The answer to that comes in two parts: #1 we have a great, homemade Corndog batter recipe that people love. #2 Making corndogs and fries takes very little cooking experience, so with our homemade batter and delicious fresh fries anyone can succeed.


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