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Fair Season is Busy Season!

We are in the "heat" of the fair season. Fairs are where, if you are a savvy mobile food provider (which we attempt to be), you can put a lot aside in savings as we prepare for the slower season in the winter. Using this information as motivation we have really booked a full schedule for fairs. Another motivations is that we get to serve friendly folks daily. Friendly folks, who I would like to thank publicly right now, for coming back to us after they have eaten our food to let us know how great it is. As a cook we really appreciate all the support that you give us! It does tend to get HOT.... HOT HOT. The last 40 days in Southern Idaho have been over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. We are essentially sitting in a hot box. While we could easily install an air conditioner in both our truck or trailer - we do not have one currently. When it comes down to it though, the people we are serving also are not in air conditioning - and we love to be where the people are, so we endure it! Aside from that temporary uncomfortable fact, life is good here at The Rusty Dog. Keep an eye out for us at your local fair (If you live in southern Idaho!)

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