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"Owning a business" From the perspective of the Wife

My husband and I have always talked about being our own bosses and controlling our own time and efforts. Isn't that everyone's dream? To control your destiny and life. To feel the efforts and feel the rewards from your hard work. To have passion for a work you began and see it become what you dreamed it to be. I remember the first time Nic told me about the opportunity of owning and working a Food Truck. I laughed. And as I am sure you can imagine, I didn't think he was serious. Our talk was just talk, we couldn't actually do it. We were young, we didn't know what we were doing. At this point we had a 'normal job' and living on a tight budget, a paycheck to paycheck job. We spent a few weeks thinking and pondering what it would mean to us and our family at the time. The unknown was what scared me the most. Would we be able to make our payments, have enough for food and things our kids needed? Would we be more stressed? More overwhelmed with the life we created for ourselves?

Of course, the first few months, it was obvious we made the right choice. We finally starting building a savings. A savings we could put and save for our future plans and expansion. We were able to work together. Even our boys got involved and helped with the simple things. We spent more time as a family, more time enjoying each others company. It was a rewarding work. What was more, we built a community of people who loved us. People would walk up to us, raving about our customer service and our food. It touched our souls; how we touched those around us. Gave us a smile every time our hard work was recognized.

Now a year later, we are still working hard, but we have seen those blessing tenfold. The work is still there, the stress is still there. But I now know that we are better off here, at this point in our life, then we were in a normal 'start-up job'. And looking back, it's almost funny to see how much we have grown. Not only have we learned so much, but we've progressed in our life. It may be hard to imagine, it may be a crazy idea. I saw this quote that helped ease my worry. "Inches for miles.". It's the little steps that keep us moving forward. It's the risks of stepping out of our comfort zone so we can live how we want to. Without those inches, we are stuck in the same spot, year after year, with no progression to be proud of, no reward for what is to come.

So would I do it again? Would I invest all my time, all my money, all my sanity into owning my own business? Yes, I would.

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